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With a background in Film and Production, I followed up my recent years of work in motion graphics and animation. I have always had a keen passion for visual imagery, and a major strength in 3D design and animation. I’m always looking into new technology to better my work and keep on top of new trends, pushing the boundaries of my work.

I am currently freelancing as a Motion Graphic Designer based in London.

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"A good designer may not have all the answers, but he
knows which questions to ask."


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Hello World!

So here we are, and this is it.. finally. After years of being a motion graphic designer, I finally have a website and portfolio that I am happy with and most importantly, works!

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Perfect Sunday Morning Ride

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Working Like a Workaholic

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  • +44 7450 942968
  • hashmukh@kerai.org
  • www.hashmukh.com

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